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 B O O K       R E V I E W S

The author's style of writing flows with no lag what-so-ever.....Through grief and pain many lives are touched and each in turn leaves a little healing behind to move his characters forward.

D. Carey


Page after page finds the reader imagining what mysteries lay on the next.

S. Brock


I always know when a book is great when I feel like I know the people, and I can't stop wondering about them after I put the book down.

J. Brush




As a licensed Commercial Pilot, Peter spends much of his time in the sky. When back on the ground, he likes to write, play guitar and, for better or worse, do his own yard work. He wrote Unplanned Connections while completing his Master's Degree at Kent State. The whole time his wife thought he was studying. 

Peter wrote Wading Through Static while waiting for the first publisher to print the first novel. The story of all that would require another website but Peter does explain the happenings during book presentations. 


The Shoebox Letters is currently being edited for publication. A concurrent screenplay tells the story using the classic music of Journey, but the movie is unlikely to reach production unless the band decides to approve the concept.

Peter generally writes in the evenings when the house is quiet.  He is a member of the Writers Alliance, a writers' group in his hometown. He has lived in the Midwest much of his life and resides in Ohio.


Short Stories

In The Greatest Sleep, a car with artificial intelligence develops a sense of awareness and becomes attached to its occupants - so much so that it will do anything to protect them.

In Seventy Years to Keep, Jim, a WWII veteran, anticipates the fulfillment of a promise made with his doomed flight crew from 70 years ago. His family is convinced he's suffering from dementia.

In Star of Origin, a pair of scientists plan a trip into the future in order to save the world. However, destiny takes them to an unforeseen solution to an ancient 2,000 year-old family enigma.

In Toby's Christmas Wish, an injured boy hopes the Santa he's seen in his dreams will visit on Christmas Eve. His dad tells him otherwise from personal experience.



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