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The story behind the story


I wrote this novel because few people see the lingering effect they have on others. Every day, our words say one thing, while our actions validate or negate them.


In Unplanned Connections, a depressed man has become suicidal, not because he wants to die, but because he can no longer picture life without his family. While life goes on after any event, the quality of that life comes from our choices. Other people can also make a difference - sometimes a huge difference - and that's what happens in the novel.  It's a story in which the characters are changed because of the people around them. While some would say that's life, and it is, people in desperate situations might be forced to connect in meaningful ways that last a lifetime.


The title is a double entendre in that different cities and towns are visited, often spontaneously; but new relationships and connections are also formed. Some leave impressions like a hit from a boxer while others appear and fade and like a passing breeze.


I hope readers enjoy the book, not just because it entertains, but also lets them into the lives of people who experience growth while dealing with pain, relationships, and unexpected events.

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